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As a landlord, it can be difficult to deal with a tenant who refuses to pay rent or a tenant who continuously ignores the terms of their lease. Unfortunately, as a landlord, sometimes you must move forward with legal action and you want to make sure you have the best legal representation on your side.

Let Our Trusted North Dakota Legal Advisor Help

At Rowenhorst Law, we can offer cost-effective solutions for your eviction needs. Minot and the surrounding communities have had some ups and downs in the economy, and some residents have fallen on hard times. If you are faced with a tenant who continually refuses to pay rent, make sure you contact Rowenhorst Law to start the first steps towards a legal eviction to protect your investments.

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Evictions in North Dakota

Having an experienced eviction attorney in eviction court will protect you from being sued by tenants. Self-help evictions are not always the best option, particularly if they violate the terms of the lease. You the landlord could end up paying the tenants Court costs and attorney fees if an eviction is not handled correctly. At Rowenhorst Law, we will ensure that any eviction is handled tactfully, professionally, and quickly. Let us help make this process easy and allow you to regain control of your property.