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Child Custody

Our family lawyer at Rowenhorst Law regularly handles residential responsibility disputes in Minot, ND and has the experience and dedication to fight for your best interests and the best interests of your family.

Helping You Face Residential Responsibility Issues in North Dakota

In North Dakota, child custody is called “residential responsibility” and visitation is called “parenting time.” There are many situations in which you may need to establish or clarify parenting rights and responsibilities, including separation or divorce from a partner or spouse. Although questions of residential responsibility and parenting time can be emotional and stressful, the courts will always prioritize the best interests of the child, and you should, too. If you are working with an ex or co-parent, stay courteous whenever possible. Many couples need outside help, and you should consult an attorney anytime you are facing questions of residential responsibility and parenting time.

Contact our child custody lawyer or residential responsibility attorney in North Dakota to learn more about how we can help you through the legal process.

What are the Types of Residential Responsibility in North Dakota?

As a parent in North Dakota, you can have primary residential responsibility or share equal residential responsibility with someone else, usually a former spouse or co-parent. You can decide how to share parenting time together or ask the court for help.

  • Primary Residential Responsibility – One parent has the child all or most of the time. The other parent may have specific parenting times and usually pays child support to the parent with primary residential responsibility
  • Equal Residential Responsibility – Each parent has the same amount of parenting time with their children.

In some cases, there is a third option. If you have more than one child, each parent may have primary residential responsibility for at least one child. This is known as Split Residential Responsibility, and it may come into play if each child has a different preference for where they live.

Our Minot attorney understands the court’s goal, and our team will communicate with you to understand your goals, as well.

If you are going through a divorce, establishing paternity, or otherwise need to gain residential responsibility of a child, contact Rowenhorst Law at  701-340-9788 for help.

How is Residential Responsibility Determined?

The court determines residential responsibility based on what is in the best interests of the children. There are thirteen categories that a judge will use to help them make decisions regarding residential responsibility if parents cannot come to an agreement on their own. The court will hear the arguments of each parent and will make a determination based upon the totality of those thirteen categories.

Unfortunately, disagreements about residential responsibility can be contentious, and the legal process is complicated, so let the experienced team at Rowenhorst Law assist you with all of your child custody/parental responsibility needs.

Here at Rowenhorst Law, we understand that your children are the most precious thing in your world. Contact Brandon Rowenhorst, a compassionate and empathetic attorney with well over a decade of experience in family law, to fight for your rights.

Our Minot Child Custody Lawyer and Residential Responsibility Attorney are Here to Help

Rowenhorst Law assists families struggling through separations. We provide compassionate and understanding legal support. Each case is unique and we firmly believe in putting your needs first.

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Who Gets Residential Responsibility in North Dakota?

When both parents are in a child’s life and fit to care for their child, the court prefers equal residential responsibility, as spending time with both parents is in the best interest of the child. If you believe your co-parent is unable to care for your child, the court will hear your argument. Unfortunately, disagreements about residential responsibility can become contentious, which has a negative impact on the child.

Our Minot residential responsibility attorney has worked with mothers and fathers who are struggling to keep or gain custody or residential responsibility of their children. This includes clients who are establishing paternity, getting separated or divorced, or facing allegations of child abuse or domestic violence.

If your relationship with your children ever comes into question, you can trust us to protect your family.

We understand the complex nature of child custody negotiation and can help you through this process. Don’t go through this alone. We are here to help you.