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Brandon Rowenhorst understands that each divorce is unique, which is why we take the time to get to know our clients, their family dynamics, and their situation as a whole so that we can tailor our approach to best advocate for your needs. From child custody to property division, you can count on us to work tirelessly to help you achieve an outcome that works for your life as you begin a new chapter.

Helping You Resolve Sensitive Legal Issues

Although a divorce occurs between two spouses, it can be hard on everyone close to the family. Children, grandparents, extended family, co-workers, and others can all be negatively impacted by a divorce. A divorce lawyer, however, can advocate for the best interests of you and your family every step of the way, helping you minimize the consequences and maximize the positive outcomes.

We understand that going through a divorce is a stressful and daunting experience, and you need an experienced and empathetic attorney on your side. At Rowenhorst Law we help our clients navigate through every step of the divorce process with honesty, integrity, and compassion, giving you peace of mind knowing that our only job is to fight for what is in your best interests so you can focus on your future.

Contact our North Dakota divorce lawyer at  701-340-9788 to discuss your situation. Our firm is here to help.

Why Rowenhorst Law?

Choosing an attorney to represent your divorce matter is an important decision, so we urge you to choose wisely by retaining Rowenhorst Law. We bring compassion, experience, and well-rounded skills to the table, so you can count on us to handle even the most complex, contested divorces. With so much at stake, you want a good negotiator, lawyer, and champion in your corner, such as our very own Brandon Rowenhorst. He explores alternatives to courtroom litigation to help save clients time, money, and stress while building effective strategies that help clients get the outcomes they want from their divorce.

What else makes us the right firm for you? We pride ourselves on the following qualities:

  • Communication: Open, honest, and ongoing communication ensures that you understand what is happening and why. We never leave our clients in the dark, especially during a dark time in their lives.
  • Availability: When you become our client, we will work to accommodate your busy schedule. Our team knows you have a lot on your plate, so we will work to be flexible and make your life easier.
  • Dependability: We follow through with the work we say we will do. Unlike many attorneys who over promise and under deliver, our lawyer underpromises and over-delivers. We never make guarantees and only stick to our word, as this approach has historically worked in our clients’ favor.
  • Competency: Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to divorce. Our firm brings forth a wealth of knowledge in these situations, giving clients peace of mind knowing their case is in the hands of a trusted attorney. Our team of lawyers has the experience and dedication to protect your rights throughout the divorce process and negotiate for the outcomes you need and deserve.

Brandon Rowenhorst has helped clients in North Dakota for over a decade as they navigate some of their most challenging times in life. We’ve managed contested divorces that have continued for far too long, contested custody cases where one parent denies the other parent access to the children, and intensive disputes over property division. A divorce can bring out the worst sides of people, but needless to say, our Minot attorneys can handle it all.