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Here at Rowenhorst Law, our legal team strives to build a reputation of professionalism, compassion, and success. When you walk through our doors, we want you to feel as though we truly care about you and your legal issue – because we do! We take pride in our client-centered approach to legal representation. See what our past clients have to say about us below!

Handled My Case With Efficiency and Compassion

People rarely need lawyers when things are going right, and the same was true for my legal situation. However, I felt cared about throughout the entire process, and while it was a challenging set of circumstances, Rowenhorst Law made sure that I was informed every step of the way. Brandon and his staff handled my case with efficiency and compassion and their communication was great. If you happen to be going through a difficult legal situation and you want a dedicated attorney who is on your side, I would highly recommend going with Rowenhorst Law.

– Joshua E.

It Was Clear That They Had Integrity and Were Truly There to Help Us

For child custody matters, I can’t say enough about Brandon and his staff. They are caring and work with you every step of the way. They were honest with us throughout the entire case, and were dedicated through any setbacks we encountered along the way. During our initial consult it was clear that they had integrity and were truly there to help us achieve our goals, and not just billable hours. The staff is organized and professional, but above all willing to pick up those extra hours to prepare and go the distance. I would highly recommend Rowenhorst Law for your legal needs.

– Andrea A.

Candid, Honest, and Passionate

I cannot express enough gratitude to Rowenhorst Law. Mr. Rowenhorst and his excellent staff (Kari and company) for the way they handled my case. Rowenhorst Law’s expertise and attention to detail while navigating the court system and dealing with DUI laws is unparalleled. It is daunting to anybody facing a DUI charge, but the confidence Mr. Rowenhorst displayed was absolutely comforting. Mr. Rowenhorst is very candid, honest, and passionate when dealing with the specifics of your case. Both he and Kari make sure you are completely at ease and totally prepared every step of the way. There are no “what ifs”. The mindset is “we will fight for you” while aiming for the best possible outcome. If you need a consummate, PROVEN expert who is honest, confident, and will do everything they can for you, I would absolutely recommend the excellent team at Rowenhorst Law.

– Thomas B.

Not Only Passionate, But Also Compassionate

Anytime you are in need of legal services, it can be challenging and overwhelming to choose the right attorney. This is particularly true when you are not from the area and do not know the reputations of attorneys in town, but I am so glad I chose Brandon Rowenhorst and Rowenhorst Law to represent me. Brandon and his team were highly professional, honest, and dedicated to helping me achieve the best possible outcome for my case. Brandon was not only passionate, but also compassionate. From the initial consult to the closing of my case, the team at Rowenhorst Law really had my back. To anyone looking for an attorney who truly has your best interests at heart, look no further than Rowenhorst Law.

– Mark S.

Caring, Dedicated, and Professional

When I found myself facing multiple criminal charges, I was understandably overwhelmed. I knew I needed an attorney, and hiring Rowenhorst Law to handle my case was the best decision I could have made. Brandon and his staff did absolutely everything they could when faced with a challenging case to put my mind at ease. Brandon was knowledgeable and honest, walking me through what my options were, and then he went to work. Brandon and Kari made themselves available to me for any questions I had along the way. They were caring, dedicated, and professional. I really felt like they were going to give me their all, and ultimately my feeling was 100% accurate. If you are ever facing a difficult legal situation, and need an attorney who you can trust to fight for you, you can’t go wrong with Rowenhorst Law.

– Rick B.

Empathetic, Thorough, and Steadfast

Recommending Rowenhorst Law to anyone needing empathetic, thorough, and steadfast legal representation, is the easiest recommendation I can make. From the first time I sat down with Brandon and Kari, I knew I was in good hands. They made me feel comfortable right away with their professionalism and concern, and I knew that I had found a team of advocates that I could trust completely. While Kari takes the time to gather all of the details for your case, Brandon is already thinking of every possible avenue to explore to achieve a positive outcome. Their communication is truly unmatched and their willingness to go the extra mile really gave me peace of mind. Trust me when I say that Rowenhorst Law is the team you want on your side for all of your legal needs.

– Jane L.

Excellent Job

Brandon Rowenhorst did an excellent job representing my case. I would highly recommend him to your friends and family for their legal matters. Thank you, Brandon for your professional legal representation.

– John C.