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Criminal Law

At Rowenhorst Law, our Minot criminal defense lawyer works hard to protect your rights under the law. We make sure that government officials are held accountable for their actions during any investigation, arrest, or prosecution. Government officials should not be allowed to infringe on your rights or overstep their authority.


Face Serious Charges with a Solid Defense

The laws of North Dakota and the United States provide protection to the accused. These protections are designed to put the burden of proving a criminal offense on the government. In this country, we hold personal freedom in the highest regard and therefore many safeguards are in place to prevent innocent people from becoming incarcerated.

If you have been arrested on a felony charge, remember you have the right to remain silent and you have the right to an attorney. Exercise your rights and contact us immediately after your arrest at (701) 340-9788.

Violations of your constitutional rights are impermissible, and we work to protect those rights. You should never try to represent yourself at any point as the legal system is complicated. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney like Brandon Rowenhorst understands how to best protect you.

What Should I Do if I Have Been Arrested for a Felony Crime?

Most people have heard of their right to remain silent and their right to an attorney, but what people may not realize is that you must first assert those rights by informing the authorities of your intention to do so.​

  • Stay Calm: Being aggressive or combative with law enforcement will not help you.
  • Contact Rowenhorst Law: Assert your right to an attorney by informing law enforcement that you wish to contact Brandon Rowenhorst.
  • Assert and Maintain Your Rights: You should communicate to the authorities during and following a felony arrest that you wish to exercise your right to remain silent. Once you have asserted this right, maintain it by remaining silent.

It is important to remember that you must maintain your rights and that even after you have asserted your rights, law enforcement may use interrogation tactics to get you to waive your right to have an attorney present during questioning. If you assert your rights, but you continue to speak to law enforcement they will interpret that as a waiver of your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. It is absolutely crucial that once you have requested that an attorney be present, you remain silent.

How Our Firm Can Help

At Rowenhorst Law, we pride ourselves on being available to you when you need us. Your felony attorney in Minot should provide you with the representation you need when you need it. Our schedule should fit yours, not the other way around.

We also believe that open and ongoing communication is critical to getting a complete and accurate understanding of your case. We offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your case.

Contact us today at  701-340-9788 if you have been charged with a felony. Our felony lawyers in Minot are here to help you.


Work with Our Firm for the Legal Help You Need

At Rowenhorst Law we provide a full range of criminal defense services including protecting the rights of you or a loved one who has been charged with a misdemeanor offense. While generally less serious than a felony conviction, a misdemeanor conviction can have a lasting impact.

The Lasting Impact of a Criminal Conviction

Under North Dakota law, misdemeanor offenses can still have serious consequences. A misdemeanor offense can result in jail time (typically less than one year) and serious monetary fines. Those convicted of a misdemeanor offense may also be subjected to community service hours or other forms of punishment. However, a conviction can stay with you long after these punishments have been served.

A misdemeanor conviction stays on your record and can impact:

  • Your ability to get and keep a job. Some employers request disclosure of such convictions or conduct their own background checks.
  • School applications. Many school programs will consider an applicant’s criminal record before admission.
  • Military service. Acceptance into many government roles, including military service, is subject to criminal background checks.
  • Firearms. Subject to background checks to own or possess a firearm.

Having an experienced Minot criminal defense attorney at Rowenhorst Law work with you after you have been charged with a crime is an important first step to limiting the damage that a conviction can cause.


Our Minot criminal defense attorney is dedicated to fully protecting our clients’ rights. Contact us today at  701-340-9788 for a consultation. We will review and discuss your case.


Assisting You with Probation and Appeals

A criminal conviction can have a serious and long-lasting impact on you, your family, and your future. At Rowenhorst Law, our Minot post-conviction lawyer can not only help you immediately after an arrest and through the entire legal process, but our team is here for you through any post-conviction processes.

Depending on your circumstances, these can include:

  • Appeals
  • Probation revocations

The Appeals Process

If you have been convicted of a crime in the United States, you are granted the benefits of the appeals process. During this time, an appellate court will review the case to decide if any mistakes were made that could have changed the outcome. These mistakes can include prejudice against you by the lawyers or juries or a lack of substantial evidence to support the claim against you.

What is a Probation?

Often given as an alternative to prison time, probation allows you to continue with your life but with restrictions. For example, you may have to prove your sobriety by taking random or regular drug tests.

In addition, you will not be allowed to possess a firearm, may be restricted as to who you can associate with, and have to check in with a probation officer regularly.

Failure to follow the terms of the probation can lead to you having to serve your sentence in jail or prison, which is why it is vital that you hire representation if you have been accused of a probation violation and/or facing a probation revocation. At Rowenhorst Law, we have the experience and knowledge to defend your freedom.

It is important to remember that an appeal is not a new trial. There must be a valid reason to ask for an appeal, as frivolous appeals cases can be punished by the court. At Rowenhorst Law, our Minot criminal defense attorney is well-versed in all post-conviction matters.