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Handcuffs - Misdemeanors in ND

At Rowenhorst Law we provide a full range of criminal defense services including protecting the rights of you or a loved one who has been charged with a misdemeanor offense. While generally less serious than a felony conviction a misdemeanor conviction can have a lasting impact.

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The Lasting Impact of a Criminal Conviction

Under North Dakota law, misdemeanor offenses can still have serious consequences. A misdemeanor offense can result in jail time (typically less than one year) and serious monetary fines. Those convicted of a misdemeanor offense may also be subjected to community service hours or other forms of punishment. However, a conviction can stay with you long after these punishments have been served.

A misdemeanor conviction stays on your record and can impact:

  • Your ability to get and keep a job. Some employers request disclosure of such convictions or conduct their own background checks.
  • School applications and professional licensing. Many school programs will consider an applicant's criminal record before admission. Similarly, many professional organizations (such as those for nurses, lawyers, or doctors) will consider an applicant’s criminal history when considering whether to allow an individual in.
  • Military service. Acceptance into many government roles, including military service, is subject to criminal background checks.
  • Firearms. Subject to background checks to own or posses a firearm.

Having an experienced Minot criminal defense attorney at Rowenhorst Law to work with you after you have been charged with a crime is an important first step to limiting the damage that a conviction can cause.

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